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But Beautiful album cover

But Beautiful

Grant Martin


CD £4.95

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Album Description

Grant Martin: "I have been playing the piano since the age of eight when I first began lessons at school following the Guildhall and then the Associated Board exam syllabus.

I attended Kingsmead Secondary school in Enfield where I completed my grade 8 in year 12. I am currently at Hertfordshire University where I am studying music technology and composition.

As much as I like to play classical music, at about 12 years old, probably due to my father, I developed a great interest for jazz, which I love to play regularly.

I have played in many jazz groups and I currently play in the Hertfordshire Youth Jazz Ensemble.

At present I live at home in Waltham Cross with my parents, brother and my all black cat whose name is Dizzy.

In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends or can usually be found listening to music, most notably jazz, but I also enjoy listening to other music genres such as rock, pop, and country.

I enjoy reading, generally crime/thriller books, and have a great love for film; I can often be found at my local cinema.

And last but not least, I do of course spend a lot of time composing on my own or with my writing partner Thomas."

Thomas Giron Towers: "My name is Thomas and I am twenty one years old. I have lived in Hertfordshire all my life with my mum, dad, older sister and younger brother.

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed performing and at the age of eight I joined a Drama school where I still act, sing and perform on a regular basis.

During my time with the Agency I have made many television appearances which range from walk on parts to being cast as a main character.

I have participated in numerous Theatre productions and performed along with a show choir at Theatre Royal, Dury Lane, London.

At school I studied A Level Media and Psychology and also gained a grade 7 in Guildhall.

I have participated in many team building courses and have supported many GCSE and A Level students with their Media coursework.

In my spare time I enjoy writing scripts and hope to have one produced one day!

I enjoy a wide variety of film and music and currently write reviews on a website for a games company.

Grant and I have worked together for over five years, so much of my time is spent writing and singing and putting our songs together in the recording studio with Grant.

However, I love to socialise with my friends and enjoy playing football once a week at my local sports centre."

Composed, performed & produced by Grant Martin
* Composed, performed & produced by
Thomas Giron Towers & Grant Martin
* Guest vocals by Thomas Giron Towers
Recorded by Ollie Nicholls @ Doz Studios, Fordcombe, Kent
Mastering by John Hartley @ Musiklab, Worcester
Design by Jinx Graphics

CD Track List

  1. Of Dreams Undone  (3:26)
  2. Tell It To The Wind  (5:32)
  3. Long Ago And Far Away  (6:00)
  4. Sun On The Moon  (4:30)
  5. By Day By Night  (6:28)
  6. In A Loving Mood  (4:23)
  7. Nobody But You  (5:25)
  8. All Is Well  (3:35)
  9. Valentine's Day  (4:40)
  10. Blue Notes  (3:44)
  11. Even If  (4:38)
  12. A Lonesome Road  (3:58)
  13. That's Why You're Here  (4:33)
  14. A Beautiful Day  (4:43)
  15. Was It Love? *  (3:54)
  16. A Few Mistakes *  (3:56)
  17. Hero *  (4:21)

Written, performed & produced by Grant Martin

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